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From: Waseem Dar,

RE: Becoming a Sexual God

Dear Friend,

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to stop what you’re doing and read every single word I have to share with you. It will surely help you stop premature ejaculation fast!

Because I have something so incredibly awesome to tell you, your life could be changed forever.

But before I get into that I want to let you know something…

“If You Are Suffering From
Poor Bedroom Performance…
You’re Not Alone!”

Sex is a taboo thing to talk about in most parts of the world…

And since no one discusses their sex life, you can feel as though you are performing at a low level “compared to everybody else.”

This feeling can sap your self esteem and drain any confidence you may have…

And when it comes time to perform, you do poorly, you are unable to stop premature ejaculation which only reinforces the bad feelings, and keeps you stuck in a cycle of poor performance.

So right now, we’re going to take the first step to break you out of that cycle.

And that step is for you to realize that you aren’t alone.

So let’s do a quick exercise…

Right now, name 10 guys that you know…

Now, I want you to realize that 4 out of 10 of those guys probably are suffering from premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction, even though they probably would die before admitting it to you.

Yes it’s true, it is that common.

And up until now, suffers from PE ( premature ejaculation ) and ED ( erectile dysfunction ) have had to go through the pain, frustration, and embarrassment all by themselves. They want to know how to stop premature ejaculation but are not willing to discuss their problem with anyone openly.

I know the pain, because I’ve been there myself. I could not stop premature ejaculation and go off in a few seconds…

If you’re like I once was, then you probably have been dealing with some serious problems related to your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

You might have had to deal with self esteem issues like low confidence and having the fear to approach women, because they know when it comes time to seal the deal, they won’t be able to deliver. The fear of being unable to stop premature ejaculation keeps biting you in the back of your head…

You might have had to deal with the frustration of having a smoking hot woman in the bed waiting on them, and having the plumbing just not cooperate, and having to come up with some excuse as to why they can’t do it.

You might have had to deal with the embarrassment of a lighting quick orgasm, and feeling like you are less than a man…

These are some serious problems that everyone who suffers from PE and ED has…

“But What If I Told You
That You Can Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally… Would You
Be Interested?”

I’m willing to be you would.

So I want you to imagine what your life would be like once you’ve finally eliminated premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction from your life.

Imagine being able to quickly and easily attain steel strength erections…

Imagine being able to last for 45 minutes, an hour, or even two hours instead of just minutes…

Imagine blasting your partner with waves of pleasure as you feed them orgasm after orgasm…

Imagine how confident you’re going to be in bed when you know, without a doubt, that you’re the BEST man she has ever been with…

Imagine how many more women you’ll be able to approach with your new found confidence when you are able to stop premature ejaculation, build an incredible sex stamina and last way longer than you usually do…

Imagine your sex life being a source of joy and wonderment, as opposed to a center for pain, frustration, and embarrassment…

Now I want you to stop imaging…

And I want you to realize that you can have all of these incredible things, and so much more, once you learn the secrets to eliminating PE and ED.

And I know what you’re thinking…

“Anyone Can Make
A Claim Like That
Online, But Why Should
I Believe You?”

Well, I’ll tell you why…

My name is Waseem Dar, and I am a health and wellness enthusiast sex coach, and author.

But I wasn’t always these things.

Several years ago I also suffered from PE and ED. I was unable to stop premature ejaculation and sometimes unable to erections when I was in bed with my girl friend..

I had no problems getting women, but once we got into the bedroom the problems started…

I had trouble getting and staying hard, and when I could keep an erection, I would quickly climax and the whole experience would be over inside of a few minutes. I was unable to stop premature ejaculation naturally as most men do in bed…

Even though the women I was with at the time was understanding, I knew she wasn’t happy with our sex life.

It was embarrassing, upsetting, frustrating, humiliating, and extremely painful to say the least, and I started trying to find ways to overcome this huge hurdle in my life. I wanted to last longer and stop my premature ejaculation problem quickly and naturally..

So I took to the internet, went to the library, and I bought books, ebooks, courses, weights, pills, powders, pumps, and all the gimmicks to learn how to stop premature ejaculation and get a rock hard erection naturally…

Sadly, most of what I was reading on how to stop premature ejaculation and trying out simply wasn’t working for me.

I was still windsock most of the time, and when I did perform, I would pop so quick that it wasn’t even funny.


Slowly over time I started to actually get positive results from some of the techniques I was using.

After awhile a system started to form, and both my girlfriend and I both began to notice some dramatic changes in the bed room.

Where getting an erection used to be hit or miss, I was now getting wood with no problem.

Where I used to only last for 2-3 minutes in the sack, I was now going for 15, 20, and even 30 minutes sessions that were absolutely amazing.

After a full year of working my little system, I was becoming what my girlfriend called, “A Sexual God!”

Erectile issues were utterly non-existent.

My erections were so hard and stiff it would feel like my penis was wrapped in iron.

Premature ejaculation issues completely disappeared.

I had total conscious control over my orgasm.

I could go fast if I wanted a quickie…

I could go for long if I wanted a lengthy hot steamy love making session…

Or if I chose to do so, I didn’t even have to go at all!

It was absolutely amazing and my life was completely different.

And this incredible, life-changing experience lead me into my work today.

I now provide therapy and coaching to men suffering from PE and ED just like I was, because I know just how dark of a place it can be. My clients are able to stop premature ejaculation and eliminate erectile dysfunction quickly with the techniques that I share with them in the form of easy to follow exercises and routines…

However, since I limited to working with guys in my local area as a therapist and coach…

I figured out the best way stop premature ejaculation and bring my expertise to the masses of men who need help solving this problem was to create the ultimate resource for them.

And now, after months of hard work, writing, tweaking, and perfecting my premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction destroying system…

I am proud to introduce you to…

Erectile Dysfunction No More

premature ejaculation exercises

The Permanent All Natural Cure

To Premature Ejaculation

AND Erectile Dysfunction

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stop premature ejaculation naturally

You don’t need to take risky drugs or undergo expensive surgery in order to solve your PE and ED problems for good.

There is a completely all natural way to stop premature ejaculation and get rock hard erections.

And inside of Erectile Dysfunction No More, I reveal the exact same system I used to permanently cure myself and hundreds of other men, just like you. It amazingly helped them stop premature ejaculation and eliminate erectile dysfunction..

To be more specific, here’s exactly what you’re going to discover to stop premature ejaculation once you get your hands on this invaluable guide:

As you can see, I’ve pulled out all the stops and made this the hands down ultimate guide to finally help you stop premature ejaculation and completely eradicating ED from your life, and never having to experience any of the negative problems that come along with them.

Now let’s get down to business…

I know you’re wondering what it is going to cost you to get this life changing information.

I know that I could easily charge $997 for this, as that is what I charge for a 2 hour sex therapy session, and my customers gladly pay it because what I teach works…

But I’m not going to ask you for that, because I know that it can be tough to come up with that kind of money on short notice.

I probably could also sell this information for $497, simply because many men would gladly invest that amount into finally ridding themselves of the problems and embarrassments that have frustrated them for years. Premature ejaculation is a big question mark on their manhood and they want to stop premature ejaculation at any cost.

But that price might keep this information out of the hands of the guys who really need it.

And I’m not going to ask you to part with $197 either, and I feel like $97 would be a little on the high side.


“For A Limited Time Only…
You Can Get Your Hands
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The guide is delivered to you digitally, straight over the internet, so you gain instant access to it, even if it’s 2:00AM.

So let’s get started right now!

And I think it is plain to see that Erectile Dysfunction No More can help you completely stop premature ejaculation ( PE )and eliminate erectile dysfunction (ED ) from your life, but don’t just take my word for it…

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“Dear Waseem ,

Your course is amazing. It has rekindled our hope for better sex.
My boyfriend lost his control over ejaculation a few months ago and we
both were very unhappy with this situation. He kept trawling the internet
for a quick fix for this agonizing condition and then came across your
website. He bought your book and started following the exercise plan daily.
To our amazement he started getting hard ons within two weeks and now after
six weeks of following your program, he is able to stay hard erect longer
 than ever!
You have tailored a wonderful plan of sex exercises to help
 men stop premature ejaculation naturally. I am completely
 satisfied with my man.
Lisa Dave
Portland, ME
Your Sex Exercises Work Wonders 
Waseem, I am sending you this quick email to let you know my progress
after following your plan of sex boosting exercises. These sex exercises
work wonders. Now I am able to last longer in bed and keep exploring new
avenues of sex by staying hard longer and stronger inside her. You really
rock! I have stopped premature ejaculation once for all in my life.
David Marsh

premature ejaculation exercises

For A Limited Time Only…
You Can Get Your Hands
On Erectile Dysfunction No More
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stop premature ejaculation

The guide is delivered to you digitally, straight over the internet, so you gain instant access to it, even if it’s 2:00AM.

So let’s get started right now!

And I think it is plain to see that Erectile Dysfunction no more can help you completely eliminate PE and ED from your life, but don’t just take my word for it…

So if you’re ready to finally awaken the sexual god within, I want you to…

Seriously Consider
What A Resource Like
This Is Really Worth

You could go your entire lifetime and still keep battling to stop premature ejaculation and ED.

They won’t go away by themselves, so you are going to need to take massive action in order to rid yourself of these problems.

Sure, you could spend twenty thousand dollars or more on expensive surgery to get rid of your erectile dysfunction…

Or you could even spend thousands of dollars going to a sex therapist to discover the very same tactics, strategies, and techniques I share with you in Erectile Dysfunction No More to help you stop premature ejaculation.

I personally know this to be a fact because I earn thousands of dollars from my clients in my own sex therapy practice…

And to be truthful, you could even spend hundreds of dollars on pills, creams, pumps, weights, gimmicks, and powders and still see nowhere near the results you’re going to get from using my system.

But, for the small one time investment of just $47, you’re finally going to solve this problem in your life, for good.

That’s right my friend, Erectile Dysfunction No More, provides you with the only permanent way to cure yourself of this problem, completely naturally.

And I’m so confident that it is going to help, that I’m going to shoulder all the risk on this transaction.

Your $47 investment today is completely protected by my….

stop premature ejaculation

You use Erectile Dysfunction No More completely risk-free.

I want you to order right now, download the guide, read it, and follow the system.

That’s right, use my system for a whole 60 days.

And if you’re not convinced that my techniques are priceless and are able to help you stop premature ejaculation in a naturally fast way, if your sex life doesn’t improve, and if you don’t completely obliterate all of the problems that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction were causing, or if for ANY reason you’re not thrilled with my system, just email me within 60 days for a complete 100% refund.

I’m taking all the risk. You win either way, because no matter what, once you learn the system you will never forget how to stop premature ejaculation and become ED free.

So You Have
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  • Isn’t it about time you finally started performing great in the bed room?
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I’ve just shown you this completely no risk way to discover the exact methods to getting rid of these problems for good.

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stop premature ejaculation

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